Thursday, March 24, 2016

How to open iOS apps on windows operating system

iOS is popular smart phone OS. All the apple iphone and ipad has iOS. Apple is one of the first mobile phone manufacturer company who gave the smart phone to world.

 And Now it is the best smart phone company in the world. iOS and Android is very popular in application developer. Now days most applications are first made for iOS and Android devices. So what to do if you have to run these application on windows. Here is the solution for this problem. You can run these application on windows by Installing iOS Emulator on windows. All information I am sharing here about iOS emulator software is after hunting the Internet and came to know that it is possible to run iOS application on computer. There are lots of application available on the Internet to run the iOS on computer but I am sharing name of just two application which are best among all of them.

Best software to run iOS application on windows operating system 

1- ipadian 

It has two version one for free and other for paid. Paid version has more freature than free version but it is OK to use free version if you just want run the application and don't want any additional feature. Both works same. It has simple and easy Interface. 


                                    click here to download the ipadian

2- Air iphone

Another software to run iOS application on PC. With this application you can run all iOS application on PC. You will feel like you are using apple smart phone. The installation process of Air iphone is very easy, download the application on your PC and then install it.

                                         click here to download the Air iphone

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