Tuesday, April 5, 2016

forgot your android pattern lock - know how to unlock it.


Hi friends, Today I am going to explain you how to unlock your android pattern if you have forget it. It is usaul  when sometimes we forget our pattern and phone get locked after applying many wrong pattern. After that what we do is  factory reset. In this process we lost all previous data which is in that phone.

If you are Ok with losing all your previous data here I am giving exact method of how to factory reset of your android phone. Please apply this method only if you are Ok with losing  your downloded apps, contacts or other important information or documents,  if not I will tell you other method of how to unlock pattern lock without factory reset and without losing your important data.

how to factory reset your android phone

to factory reset of your android phone follow the step below

step 1: turn off/switched off your android phone 
step 2: press and hold down the this  buttons simultaneously, "power" and, "volume up" 

step 3: Release these  buttons when phone is switched on
step 4: scroll using volume up and down button until you find the factory data reset option
step 5: just click on the factroy data reset option
step 6: then click on reset phone
step 7: a message will appear about clearing the data. select "Erase everything or delete everything depending on your device
step 8: Now your android device is ready to use.

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