Tuesday, April 5, 2016

how to download video from youtube without using any software

Today we talk about how to download video from youtube without any software. Many time we search some video and see them once.  But what happen if you want to see them again it . You have to connect to internet  once again tosee only once because there is know download option on youtube.
You can only watch video you can't download it. If you want to download video from youtube then you need to another software to do it.
      But here is a technique by which you can download the video from youtube website without using any software. You have to only do that. Open the video you want to download. In address bar remove https://www. and write ss in place of that. And then hit Enter. After few seconds , there will be new page showing your video and a download option. Choose the formate in which you want to download the video. One thing remember that you have to remove https://www. including dot after www.  Like after removing this here is new address ssyoutube.com????
 So next time you go to youtube don't just watch it also download it.

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