Thursday, July 28, 2016

How to root your android phone

Today most mobile users have an smart phone. Among the all smart phones android is most popular in all of them. But only using  android phone as it comes, is not good thing. If you want to full control on your android phone you just have root it. A rooted android device has a lot of advantage over a non rooted device. We will talk about what is rooting, what is advantage and  disadvantage of rooted device and most importantly how to root your android device.

What is rooting 
  If you are iphone users you will know the term jail breaking.  It is similar to like jail breaking in iphone devices. For android users  rooting allows user to go deep in the phone manufacturing system.
By rooting the android device you can take complete control on it. 

Advantage of rooting your android phone
      Rooting gives you more advantage over non rooted device like if  any application blocked in your country still you can run that application on your device. To do this you just have download apk of that application and install it. Another advantage is  you can make incompatible application compatible for your phone. Rooting of phone increased the life time phone battery and reduced the consumption of power. Make your device hardware more powerful. It also can increase the speed of your phone.  You can block the ad on application you use. You can modify the inbuilt software which is impossible without rooting. 
            If  you encounter any problem in installing any apk you can do this-

                            Go to Settings >Security > Check Unknown sources.

After this setting you can directly install application out side of Google play.
It is lots of more advantage too. you will expericne those advantage after rooting your android devices
Any thing in this world has advantage must have disadvantage too
One of major disadvantage of rooted device is you can not update it.
   May be it has more other disadvantage i just don't know.

How to  root your android phone
Today there is many software tool available for rooting the android devices. Here we can talk about only some of them. Any one software is enough to root your device.
just look at them below and know how to root.

1. KingRoot
  KingRoot is a popular rooting tool for android devices. It is very simple and very easy. You can root your android device very easily with this application.

--First download the kingRoot application
--You will see a message try to root click on that
--Wait it can take some time
--After successful completion you will see the big check mark indicating root successful.

2. KingoRoot
   It has both PC and android version. It is one of best rooting tool available for the android devices.
It root your device very fast compared to other rooting tool. It works almost all android devices.
It is very useful in removing the pre installed apps which are useless, and run in background, slowing your phone speed and consuming the battery power.

-- Download free KingoRoot application
-- install apk of KingoRoot
-- Open KingoRoot and start rooting your android phone
--Wait for sometime, it will show successful root message.

I think these two app is enough to root. Please get more information about rooting your devices on google search and be clear about advantages and disadvantages.

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