Monday, August 15, 2016

How to create multiple channel on youtube


How to create multiple channel on youtube with one account

Some days ago I decided to make a another channel on youtube inspite of main account name channel. But when I open website for this I couldn't find any link for creating a new channel for my account. I surprised how people upload video with different channel name. Once I thought ,  Are people make multiple account with multiple gmail account for creating multiple channel on youtube.
So I searched on google for this and finally come to know that there is option in your account to create multiple channel with different name. I really don't know how many channel you can create with one account on youtube, I have read some blogs and websites and they simply say you can make upto 50 channel with one account. Another method I have read on some blog by which you can make upto 200 channel with one account and the method is that go to your google plus account and make a page there with the name that you want to create a channel and a new channel option will appear on your youtube account with that page name. However after reading some blogs and websites some of them giving a direct link to go to create new channel page on youtube that is channel_switcher and create a channel for your youtube account.

But you will think that where is channel switcher option on youtube home page that is for what I write this article. On youtube home page I hardly find create new channel option So I decided to write an small article on this. I know its very easy but what if you just don't know as I was.

 where is channel switcher or create new channel option on youtube home page

-->To go to channel switcher or create new channel option open home page of youtube website.
-->On home page click on the image on right corner there you will see the creator studio option in an small box

--> just right to the creator studio option click on  a small image of 'setting" the image is like image of setting box in your phone or other websites
--> A new page will open on that page you will see the option like "see all my channel or create new channel" below.
--> On clicking that link a new page will open just fill the some information like page name etc. And your new channel will create in few second.

If you still having trouble in creating multiple channel on youtube just click on this direct link to go to youtube channel switcher page.

I hope this information is helpful for creating multiple channel. If anything wrong please comment and tell that.

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