Friday, November 11, 2016

Top PTC sites to make money online

Did you ever hear about PTC sites, If you are new in online money making ideas, this may be useful for making some pocket money by only visiting websites through PTC sites. Surely There are lots of fake PTC sites which give you nothing after you reach payment threshold. But there are many
legitimate PTC sites which actually give you 0.01 to 0.02 dollar for each ads you view.  May be you wandering what the hell this PTC sites are. So here is the some common question about PTC sites and I will try to give the answer of it before getting you list of Top PTC sites.

What is PTC sites

This is very common question just want to know what the PTC site is. The simple answer is PTC stands for Paid to click. The site which paid you something for clicking their ads. Ya they pay you for just clicking their ads. This is not get rich quick scheme but if you view their ads regularly then you will be able to make some bucks at the end of a month for your pocket money.

How PTC sites works

So the answer of this question I have already given in the first question. Yet here something to know more. Another method by which you can make money on PTC sites by their referral programs. For every referral they give something between $5 to $10. You can make good money by doing this.

What is minimum payout

The minimum payout is depend on the sites. Each sites have their own minimum payout limits. Usually they pay you $8 to $10 as their minimum payout limit.

How will I get paid

There are lots of payment methods are available on each sites like paypal, payza, paytoo and many more. There is no problem in payment once you reach the minimum threshold.

Now here is list of some legitimate PTC sites

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